Disclaimer : This post is NOT for people who are mentally sensitive and cannot process dark material.
You have been advised.

Stepping out of the shadows, he shows himself.
He carried my face except for the hollow eyes and dead white hair.
Staring at me. Smiling.
He knew where I stood.

A place that existed between infinite darkness and the mosh pit of demons.

“Are you still not satisfied? Aren’t you done fighting ? Your efforts are absolutely useless, you should know that by now.

“You can lift as many as you want, but you will never be uplifted.
The world will always see you as weak and helpless. The people you trust, don’t trust you for you will always be damned. Your life is nothing but just a blip, almost non-consequential.

“You will not matter enough to be even forgotten.
The only thing people feel for you is sorry and they only help you to keep their conscience clear.

“Behind all the cold stares, you can hear their thoughts, their judgements and their conclusions.
You sum up to nothing more than a slave who is shackled by his own shortcomings.

“So do yourself a favour and quit this petty existence. Heck, I will even give you a minute to make peace with all those people you call your own.”

His voice echoed through my being.

As I stood still, suffocating!
His smile never left his face.

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