Where do we go from here?

It’s like the world woke up one day and realised that things are not going to be the same.
“Tomorrow” is not just “another day” but a realisation that the fabric of our reality is more fragile than we imagined.
The optimists and the pessimists have never been this far apart.The obscure line that divided us has become a solid border.

We have chosen to become cold in order to protect our reality, our precious thought process, our very insignificant existence.
Is this the next big sacrifice between being the have’s and the have not’s ?
Are we going to compromise our morality,our integrity only to make sure we are ahead of the curve ?

There is a popular saying,”There are always going be a few assholes in the world !”, I am not sure there are only a few.

Fear and Desperation have become the main drivers behind our thoughts.
We are forced to take extraordinary steps to survive and will go as far as sacrificing life in order to preserve it, which in itself is redundant.

So where do we go from here?


Disclaimer : This post is NOT for people who are mentally sensitive and cannot process dark material.
You have been advised.

Stepping out of the shadows, he shows himself.
He carried my face except for the hollow eyes and dead white hair.
Staring at me. Smiling.
He knew where I stood.

A place that existed between infinite darkness and the mosh pit of demons.

“Are you still not satisfied? Aren’t you done fighting ? Your efforts are absolutely useless, you should know that by now.

“You can lift as many as you want, but you will never be uplifted.
The world will always see you as weak and helpless. The people you trust, don’t trust you for you will always be damned. Your life is nothing but just a blip, almost non-consequential.

“You will not matter enough to be even forgotten.
The only thing people feel for you is sorry and they only help you to keep their conscience clear.

“Behind all the cold stares, you can hear their thoughts, their judgements and their conclusions.
You sum up to nothing more than a slave who is shackled by his own shortcomings.

“So do yourself a favour and quit this petty existence. Heck, I will even give you a minute to make peace with all those people you call your own.”

His voice echoed through my being.

As I stood still, suffocating!
His smile never left his face.

For You Matter !

The world has changed.
And we are all fighting to understand where we fit in.

The demons that were hiding in the shadows have come out to play and the only thing we can do is brace for impact.

Today we have come to the realisation of how alone we truly are. And what has left of our relationships.
But does it end here? Do we silently accept to be one with the dark ? Do we let go of our hopes and dreams ? Are we just puppets to the inevitable ?

Down the rabbit hole we go.Tumbling. Twisting. The mind occupied with one question, are we going to be the same again ?

But is it that important to be the same?
Maybe its time we dig even deeper to find our resolve and evolve. Face the the threat, head on. As long as we breathe, life will always find its way.
Be angry, be fearless, be the one who has the loudest battle cry and fight against this darkness that shrouds us. And more will follow.

Every step forward is one less for the shadows. Let the light within you be fuelled by your will. For you matter.