You are not Alone

As I sit and write on this piece of paper to the person who is reading it, I want to let them know that I am out there. I will hold your hand and tell you that we will make this work. Oh please don’t let those tears fall, where ever you are, you can … Continue reading You are not Alone

Where do we go from here?

It’s like the world woke up one day and realised that things are not going to be the same.“Tomorrow” is not just “another day” but a realisation that the fabric of our reality is more fragile than we imagined.The optimists and the pessimists have never been this far apart.The obscure line that divided us has … Continue reading Where do we go from here?


Disclaimer : This post is NOT for people who are mentally sensitive and cannot process dark material. You have been advised. Stepping out of the shadows, he shows himself. He carried my face except for the hollow eyes and dead white hair. Staring at me. Smiling. He knew where I stood. A place that existed … Continue reading Cold

For You Matter !

The world has changed. And we are all fighting to understand where we fit in. The demons that were hiding in the shadows have come out to play and the only thing we can do is brace for impact. Today we have come to the realisation of how alone we truly are. And what has … Continue reading For You Matter !

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