For You Matter !

The world has changed.
And we are all fighting to understand where we fit in.

The demons that were hiding in the shadows have come out to play and the only thing we can do is brace for impact.

Today we have come to the realisation of how alone we truly are. And what has left of our relationships.
But does it end here? Do we silently accept to be one with the dark ? Do we let go of our hopes and dreams ? Are we just puppets to the inevitable ?

Down the rabbit hole we go.Tumbling. Twisting. The mind occupied with one question, are we going to be the same again ?

But is it that important to be the same?
Maybe its time we dig even deeper to find our resolve and evolve. Face the the threat, head on. As long as we breathe, life will always find its way.
Be angry, be fearless, be the one who has the loudest battle cry and fight against this darkness that shrouds us. And more will follow.

Every step forward is one less for the shadows. Let the light within you be fuelled by your will. For you matter.

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